Edge Details

FlexEdge™ Rubber Curbs & Borders

SportsEdge® once again leads the sports construction industry in designing revolutionary products that improve safety for athletes, improve aesthetics and reduce costs. The various Rubber FlexEdge Systems are the latest innovation and addition to our SportsEdge product line.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Improves Athlete Safety
  • Time & Labor Savings for Installation
  • Minimizes or Eliminates Concrete Entirely
  • Made from 100% Recycled Rubber (LEED® Points)
  • Clean Finished Appearance

Rubber L Curb

Improves athlete safety and overall safety for any synthetic turf project.

  • Safer Edge Detail
  • 8′ Lengths for Easy Installation
  • Durable, High Quality Rubber
  • 100% Recycled Rubber

Rubber Baseball Divider Edge

The best way to address the interface of dissimilar surfaces.

  • Soft Flexible Edging
  • Synthetic Turf to Mound Clay
  • Synthetic Turf to Natural Turf
  • Synthetic Turf to Infield Mix

Rubber Long Jump Pit System

The latest innovation and addition to the FlexEdge product line.

  • Improves Athlete Safety
  • Reduces Cost Over Aluminum
  • LEED Friendly Product
  • Clean Finished Appearance

Playground Rubber Containment Barriers

Improved safety and added aesthetic value for a better finished product.

  • Shock Absorbent Rubber
  • 8.5″W x 10.5″H
  • Rounded Top
  • Flexible
  • 100% Recycled Rubber

Sand Volleyball Rubber Border

Eliminating potential dangers from more traditional wood, plastic, and concrete borders.

  • UV Topcoat
  • Improves Athlete Safety
  • Clean Finished Appearance
  • 100% Recycled Rubber

Rubber Track Curb

Durable, economical, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally minded.

  • IAAF Track Curb
  • Easier Handling and Storage
  • Readily Conforms to Track Radius
  • Open Design for Efficient Drainage
  • Made from 90% Post-Consumer Waste

Rubber Cap for Concrete Curb

Added protection for existing concrete curbs.

  • Reduces Liability Concerns
  • Save on Cost, Labor, and Time
  • LEED Friendly Product

Rubber Ramps

Various tapered rubber ramps and transition pieces.

  • Easy Install for Straight or Curved Lines
  • Custom Sizes and Shapes Available
  • Available in 48″ Lengths
  • Versatile, Flexible Transition Edging

Rubber Landscape Edging

Attractive bordering for flower beds, walkways, driveways, and trails.

  • Easy Install for Straight or Curved Lines
  • Custom Sizes and Shapes Available
  • Convenient 8′ Lengths
  • Versatile, Flexible Edging