Steeplechase Barriers with Drop Down Wheels

Same specifications as #SE730140, plus all 4 corners are equipped with 4″ wheels that swivel 360 degrees. Wheels easily set and retract with a finger lever and lift on each end. The most maneuverable barrier available. Adjusts to three heights: 30″, 33″, 36″. Meets NCAA specifications. IAAF Certified.

  • SE730135 Set of 4; 1x5m, 3x4m
  • SE7301363 4m Single Barrier; 13′ width
  • SE7301366 5m Single Barrier; 16′ 5″ width

Steeplechase Barriers

4″ x 4″ square steel tubing covered with synthetic track material. Base legs adjustable to four heights: 27″, 30″, 33″, 36″. Powder coated for a durable finish. Surface Anchored Water Jump Barrier meets NCAA and IAAF specifications for both men’s and women’s competition.

  • SE730140 Set of 4; 1x5m, 3x4m
  • SE7301413 4m Single Barrier; 13′ width
  • SE7301416 5m Single Barrier; 16′ 5″ width
  • SE73014050 Set of 4 wheels for 7301413 or 7301416

SE730145A Aluminum Barrier Seal

Installs at both men’s height (36″) and women’s height (30″).

  • SE730145A Aluminum Barrier Seal (for 730144 only)

SEF500 Steeplechase Water Jump Form

The steeplechase water jump form takes the guess work out of form building. It is prefabricated to meet NFHS, NCAA and IAAF specifications, which facilitates easy set up and convenient concrete pour. Structure is made of specially folded 1/8″ aluminum to maximize strength and includes designed inner wall supports that allow the concrete to flow through and set evenly. This form also is designed to fit the water jump cover #SE730146. Built in drain valve is optional.

  • SEF500 Steeplechase Water Jump Form

Surface Anchored Water Jump & Cover

  • SE730144 Surface Anchored Water Jump w/ Adj. Height & Position; Incl. Mounting Plates
  • SE730143 2′ Water Cover for Women’s Barrier Position

Water Jump Cover

4″ x 2″ aluminum beams provide the understructure for the modular panels. Each panel is made from 9.5″ x 1.75″ x 0.125″ aluminum planking framed with heavy duty aluminum angle. Each panel has 4 flush mount handles and is recessed to receive 12mm surfacing.

  • SE730146 Steeplechase Water Jump Cover
  • SE730146W Water Jump Cover w/Womens Option

SE8540 3-Lane Track Gate

Effectively discourages joggers and recreational runners from using the three inside lanes and causing premature and uneven wear. Locks into place. Lift and rotate to allow training on inside lanes. Includes ground sleeve.

International Track Curbing

Heavy gauge aluminum design features a fluted dome-shaped top to reduce the likelihood of turned ankles when stepped on. Held in place by 1/4″ needle spikes or by optional 3″ plated pins placed into sleeves inserted into the track. Raised 1/2″ off the track surface for rapid drainage. Curbing design has been upgraded to include inserts at the joints of the curbing. Each section of curbing is milled to allow easy drop in or removal of corresponding sections. Meets NCAA and IAAF specifications.

  • SE851A Curbing
  • SE852A Anodized Curbing
  • SE852P Powdered Coated Curbing
  • SE851P Curbing Basepins (12)

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