Terminator™ System

Terminator System

The Evolution of Track & Field Drainage

Terminator by SportsEdge is the next generation in drainage design for synthetic turf fields and tracks. The Terminator™ System is the faster, easier and smarter way to drain synthetic turf fields and tracks. Unlike other edge or sheet drain installations, the Terminator System offers the flexibility to drain athletic fields and tracks in several ways, depending on the application and site conditions. The multi-functional system provides a track drain, a field drain and a synthetic turf anchor – all in one structure.

  • Vertical-to-Horizontal Drainage Applications:
    Poorly draining soils, expansive clay and contaminated soil sites are typical V-to-H applications for the Terminator System. Create a completely self-contained, engineered drainage envelope for ALL of the storm water on a track and synthetic turf field with the use of Terminator and a horizontally draining shock pad placed over an impervious liner. Rainwater that passes through the turf enters the drainage pad channels. The channels are oriented down the cross slope toward the sidelines, where storm water drains directly into the XT-8 collector. The 8” PVC pipe carries the water to the catch basins where it is directed to the designed outfall or storage system. All storm water collection takes place just below the field surface and poorly draining soils are isolated.

  • Traditional Vertical Drainage Applications:
    In traditional stone-based drainage design, Terminator replaces the grated or slot drain as the track drainage system. In addition, it is an “insurance policy” for the field drainage, providing a back-up to panel drains and stone during large rainfall events. Thirdly, it provides an attachment point for the turf thereby eliminating a separate turf nailer curb. The result is aesthetically pleasing - no visible grates, and safe – no elevation changes that create tripping hazards. The 8” pipe makes it the highest capacity sports drain in the industry.

Terminator™ - Guaranteed performance every time, under any conditions.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Drainage Applications
  • Handles any storm water event
  • Can improve G-Max performance when used with a shock pad
  • Improves safety for athletes
  • Reduces construction and material costs
  • Takes the guesswork out of field drainage design and construction
Eliminate Drainage Stone & Panel Drains

Replace dynamic stone and panel drain base systems and reduce materials transportation costs, especially in areas where the right stone is far from the job site. Avoid the problem of stone that doesn’t meet specification. Aggregate shape and geologically weak mineral content can compromise drainage performance. Overworked materials can make matters worse.

Eliminate or Minimize Collector Pipe Trenches

Eliminate the cost of buried collector pipe, filter fabric, stone, excavation and backfill. No more low spots resulting from poorly compacted and settling trenches at the edge of the field.

No Need for Synthetic Turf Nailers

No more embedded wooden or plastic nailer or formed concrete ledge to build. TERMINATOR provides an integral turf attachment “tuck slot”, complete with a nylon rope wedge.

Ideal for Challenging Site Conditions

TERMINATOR offers an option for complicated site conditions such as inferior, inconsistent or even expansive soils. No need to strip and replace sub-grade materials that won’t drain. And it’s the perfect solution for high groundwater tables.

Reduced Time to Project Completion

Compared with the steps involved in a traditional drainage scheme, Terminator can help decrease construction time and reduce the skill and experience level required to install a quality system.

Environmental Impact

Less excavation, soil displacement and imported materials equals less environmental disturbance, lower transportation costs and less pollution.

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