SportsEdge PRO-L components interface with all of the latest track and field surfacing materials and synthetic infill turf systems to provide a functional and attractive method for draining, bordering and anchoring synthetic surfaces. Various applications for PRO channel drains include bleacher drain, track drain, tennis court drain and bordering stand-alone synthetic playing fields.

Safety of the athletes is a major concern for owners and it is the number one benefit of SportsEdge PRO-L. Interchangeable grating and resilient edging is designed to accommodate any combination of adjacent surfaces with minimal elevation change at the transition. Large and dangerous catch basins and drainage swales are replaced by a continuous perimeter drain. This elimination of visual distractions and tripping hazards makes SportsEdge the safest drainage system available.

PRO-L Channel Drain Specifications

Part # Width I.D. Width O.D. Depth O.D. Length Wt. Lbs.
2191SE 4.0" 6.1" 9" 39.19" 40.0

Grate Specifications

Galvanized steel slotted and perforated drainage grates are available in one meter and half meter lengths. The 410SE perforated grate meets heel proof and ADA requirements. All grates lock securely to the channel with a hands-free locking device consisting of a bolt and toggle bar.

Part # Material Length Weight Lock Device Edge
424 Galvanized Steel Tuck Slot 39.19" 3.6 lbs. 811 None
426 Galvanized Steel Slotted 39.19" 2.7 lbs. 811 L
410SE Galvanized Steel Perforated 39.19" 2.7 lbs. 810 L

PRO-L Channel Catch Basins

Half meter long SE900 catch basins can be located anywhere to facilitate storm drain connections. A typical 400 meter track will include a minimum of 8 catch basins. The in-line basins are the same width as the channels so they blend seamlessly into the layout. Removalble galvanized steel trash buckets can also be specified for debris interception. Catch basins can accommodate up to a 12" CMP, HDPE or PVC pipe.

“L” Trim Edging

“L” Trim Edging is manufactured from a flexible polyvinyl chloride (FPVC) compound enhanced with UV stabilizers. “L” edges are 13mm (O.5") tall to provide a guide edge for a non-porous track surface. Three meter edging lenghts give the drain system a clean, continuous appearance in the finished installation.

Catch Basins


Half meter long SE900 catch basins can be located anywhere in the layout to facilitate storm drain connections. Basins are the same width as the channels so they blend seamlessly into the layout and can accomodate up to 12" CMP, HDPE or PVC pipe. One-half meter versions of the grates are available to fit the SE900. Galvanized steel trash buckets are also available as an option for the cleaning out of debris.

PRO-L Channel Drain Downloads

All products available in Canada and Mexico.