PolyDrain Pre-sloped Trench Drain System


ABT, Inc. manufactures PolyDrain® trench drains; the standard for pre-engineered trench drains. Over the years the PolyDrain name has become synonymous with trench drain design. Architects and engineers, recognizing the benefits of pre-engineered polymer concrete trench drains, specify PolyDrain for a wide variety of applications. Included among these applications are running tracks, tennis courts, bleacher areas and bordering sports fields. PolyDrain polymer concrete trench drain assures the specifier of the precision and accuracy of a pre-engineered system. PolyDrain offers design flexibility, as well as ease of installation.

In addition, expensive labor and material costs associated with hand-forming methods are eliminated. PolyDrain channels are a nominal meter (39.19 in., 3.27 ft.) long. Standard channels have a 0.6% built-in slope. The 30 standard channels are positioned sequentially in numerical order from 010 to 300, creating a continuously sloped channel run. Channel runs can be designed with intersections or miters and fabricated onsite utilizing commercial grade cutting tools. With PolyDrain, runs of various lengths are possible by changing outlet placements and integrating non-sloping channels.

Pre-Sloped Radius Bottom Channels

Standard PolyDrain channels have a built-in 0.6% slope with a smooth radius bottom and a narrow cross section. These features provide excellent hydraulic efficiency. Without any site slope, 3.5 feet per second velocity is obtained when the channels are flowing full.

Anchoring Ribs

PolyDrain channels are formed with full-length anchoring ribs on each side of the channel at the base of the side wall. These anchoring ribs provide a positive mechanical lock with surrounding concrete.

Interlocking Joints

PolyDrain channels have interlocking tongue-and-groove joints that serve two important functions. First, they aid in maintaining proper channel alignment during the pour. Second, they assist in securing channel connections to prevent fluid migration out of the system. ABT maintains a line of sealants that can be applied to channels when a sealed system is required.

PolyLock™ Inserts

PolyDrain channels feature RedDot® polyethylene inserts. These, together with the grate locking devices comprise the PolyLock grate lock-down system. RedDot inserts also provide vibration dampening that helps keep grates secure under traffic conditions.

The PolyDrain Trench Drain System consists of 30 interlocking sloped channels and 4 non-sloped channels. Special non-sloping channels can be inserted at specified intervals in order to extend channel runs. Catch basins, horizontal outlet plates, closed end plates and vertical outlet plate adapters can be installed at designated locations. Closed end plates terminate channel runs. To determine the number of channels required simply divide footage by 3.27.

900 Series Small Catch Basins

PolyDrain’s 900 Series Catch basins have the same outside dimensions as standard PolyDrain channels. Designed to be positioned any place in a channel run. The 900 Series catch basins are available with easy to remove galvanized steel trash buckets and can accept the full range of lockable inlay grate systems.

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