Water Storage & Control


ABT Permavoid® underground storage systems are designed to manage stormwater at the source allowing for simultaneous storage and controlled conveyance, helping nearly any site to turn stormwater from a waste product into a valuable resource. Source Control in stormwater management is the most cost effective means for the urban environment. With ABT Permavoid® there is no need to pay to move water, haul soils and clean stone. The modules have a very high void ratio (95%) providing highly efficient water storage capacity. The robust design of Permavoid utilizes proprietary engineered recycled plastics and patented mechanical keys that enable a direct paving course with minimal cover in an environmentally friendly manner.

Permavoid® Water Source Control

The next generation in drainage design for synthetic turf fields and tracks.

Permavoid Water Source Control
  • Minimizes excavation and transportation of poor soils and clean aggregate
  • Robust Structure for Ground Stabilization for sites where subsidence and unstable soils are an issue
  • Large Surface Area to depth ratio provides exceptional infiltration performance
  • Manufactured from Recycled and Recyclable Material
  • Lightweight and Easily Handled and Installed on Site