PRO-S Channel Drain System


SportsEdge PRO-S Channel Drain System is designed to be used for Track Drain, Tennis Court Drain and other Sports Field Surface Drainage applications.

SportsEdge PRO-S is manufactured of polymer concrete. Polymer concrete is manufactured from select quatrz aggregate and inert mineral fillers bonded together with high-grade thermo set polyester resin; creating products of superior strenght, chemical resistance, and durability. Polymer concrete allows no absorption, thus, is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, and is also highly UV resistant. These properties make it an ideal material for external environmental conditions worldwide.

SportsEdge PRO-S drainage channels feature a radius bottom, smooth interior surface, interlocking tongue and groove ends and the patented “Red Dot” grate locking system.

Pro-S Channel Drain Specifications

Part # Width I.D. Width O.D. Depth O.D. Length Wt. Lbs.
S-021 4.0″ 6.1″ 5.6″ 39.19″ 32.0
S-091 4.0″ 6.1″ 7.2″ 39.19″ 37.4
S-192 4.0″ 6.1″ 8.75″ 39.19″ 42.0
S-192M 4.0″ 6.1″ 8.75″ 39.19″ 40.5
S-191 4.0″ 6.1″ 9.6″ 39.19″ 46.6
S-291 4.0″ 6.1″ 11.9″ 39.19″ 53.4

Grate Specifications

Part # Material Length Weight Lock Device
420 Galvanized Steel Slotted 39.19″ 3.6 lbs. 811A
336 Thermoplastic ABS (Herringbone) 19.60″ 1.1 lbs. 2840.25A
338 Polypropylene ADA & Heel Proof Grate 39.19″ 1.6 lbs. 812B
410 Galvanized Steel Perforated 39.19″ 6.0 lbs. 810A
504 Ductile Iron (Longitudinal Slot) 19.60″ 10.0 lbs. 811B
506 Ductile Iron (Herringbone) 19.60″ 7.0 lbs. 811B

Grate system options vary from galvanized steel slotted or perforated, thermo-plastic, to ductile iron. Steel drainage grates are available in one meter and half meter lengths. The thermo-plastic and ductile iron grates are available in half meter lengths. All grates lock securely to the channel with a hands-free locking device consisting of a bolt and toggle bar.

Catch Basins

The SportsEdge 1/2 meter long 900 catch basins can be located anywhere to facilitate storm drain connections. A typical 400 meter track will include a minimum of eight catch basins. These in-line basins are the same width as the channels so they blend seamlessly into the layout. Removable galvanized steel trash buckets can also be specified for debris interception. Catch basins can accommodate up to 12″ CMP, HDPE, or PVC pipe.

PRO-S Channel Drain Downloads