Stormwater Source Control and LID Compliance

Source Control in stormwater management is the most effective means for attaining Clean Water Act compliance. Permavoid® underground storage systems are designed to manage stormwater at the source allowing for the infiltration, storage, conveyance, detention, retention and reuse. Treat stormwater not like a waste product but the valuable resource it truly is.

These modules have a 95% void ratio providing highly efficient water storage capacity. The robust design of Permavoid utilizes proprietary engineered recycled plastics and mechanical keys that create a patented Sub-Base Replacement system with a 104 psi yield strength and a 165 psi ultimate strength. The exceptionally high strength and bending resistance combine to create a horizontal structural ‘raft’ that is ideal for the shallow attenuation and conveyance of stormwater and the elimination of traditional site-built stone base.

When challenged with an athletic field site that presents poorly draining or non-draining soils, a high water table or other depth or excavation restrictions, Permavoid is the answer. All water management occurs within just a few inches of the surface, leaving everything below undisturbed.

Permavoid for Athletic Field Construction

  • Robust structure for sites where subsidence and unstable soils are an issue. Can replace all the drainage stone in base design. Minimizes excavation and transportation of poor soils and clean aggregate.
  • Very high (95%) void ratio stores water efficiently. Low Impact Development (LID) compliance tool. Slow & controlled release. Large surface area to depth ratio provides exceptional infiltration performance.
  • Manufactured from recycled and recyclable material. Interlocking components create a monolithic structural slab that handles vehicular loads. Lightweight and easily handled and installed.

PV150 – 150mm deep, superior strength, 1.33 gal storage capacity, 7.2 lbs.

PV85 – 85mm deep, superior strength, 0.75 gal storage capacity, 5.1 lbs.

PV85S – 85mm deep, high strength, 1.50 gal storage capacity, 6.5 lbs.

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