HQ Panel Drains

SportsEdge® HQ Panel Drains are designed to be used as a subsurface drainage system for synthetic and natural turf sports fields. With more than 55% open area, SportsEdge® HQ offers significantly higher water collection and evacuation rates than stone and perforated pipe drains. This two-part pre-fabricated system consists of a solid formed polystyrene perforated core that is fully wrapped with a non-woven spun-bound polypropylene filter fabric. This high strength fabric allows water to pass freely into the core while restricting any movement of sharp stone other particles that might clog the core. The spun-bound polypropylene filter fabric allows the very smallest particles to pass into the core to flow out in solution, leaving larger aggregate to stage with voids for uninterrupted drainage. The core allows water to flow to designated drainage exits. This high compressive strength pre-fabricated drain is made from recycled materials.

SportsEdge® HQ Panel Drain is available in 150’ long in 6” and 12” widths. Other widths up to 36” are also available.

A full line of outlets, splices and fittings are also available.

OUTLETS: Fittings are available to connect SportsEdge® HQ to 4” pipe. These are available in several configurations, depending on drain width and pipe location. Details are available upon request.

SPLICES & 90° TURNS: Splices are available for 6” SportsEdge® HQ. Other widths are spliced by peeling back the fabric and interlocking the dimpled core. Afterwards, replace the fabric and secure with tape. Ninety degree L’s are available for 6” or 12” HQ.

CORNERS: Fittings are available for bending drain around corners. Detailed instructions for installation of fittings available upon request.

HQ Panel Drain Downloads