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ProTect Channel Drain System

The Operative Word

The operative word at SportsEdge is safety. All products are reviewed and designed with the safety of the player in mind. The SportsEdge ProTect trench drain is a modified version of the standard Pro-S. This product has the top polymer concrete edge replaced by a resilient and safe thermoplastic grate lip which is typically installed on the field side of the channel. Athletes are protected from the hard upper edge of the channel, mitigating risk of injury from abrasion or hard impact. If required, the ProTect edging can be installed on both channel edges.

The new edge fits over the top of the channel and is cemented in place. ProTect accepts all SportsEdge grates and locks, which further secure the edging to the channel. Why take a chance? Use ProTect for your next athletic field channel drain application.

ProTect 192 Channel Specifications

Part # Width I.D. Width O.D. Depth O.D. Length Wt. Lbs.
S-192M 4.0" 6.1" 8.75" 39.19" 40.0

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