A Performance Shock Pad…
and So Much More

  • An industry compliant shock pad for safety and sports performance
  • A cooling medium that mimics natural cycles and eliminates dangerously hot fields
  • A stormwater management tool that supports water conservation

Product Features

BlueLay is more than just a shock pad. It is a water retention and drainage layer designed for use directly below synthetic turf. Its revolutionary design provides sport technical performance, stormwater management functions and, most importantly, synthetic turf cooling.

Stone wool made from basalt, a naturally sourced and inexhaustible raw material is sandwiched between two membrane layers. The proprietary production method creates a heavy load-bearing system with precisely the right safety and playing characteristics for synthetic turf in all weather conditions. And the natural wicking and water retention properties make cooling water available to the surface.

With 80% open volume, BlueLay will store 24mm (1 in) of water. When fully wetted, the natural capillary action of stone wool can provide an average of 6-8 days cooling performance without any rain! Add a sub-base of Permavoid for an additional 75mm (3 in) of water storage and cool your field even in the hottest, driest climate.

The natural water content of real grass is what gives it excellent sports and safety characteristics. BlueLay has been developed to function in hydraulic harmony with synthetic turf infills to retain water and mimic the physical performance properties and cooling effects of natural grass fields.

In field testing, lysimetric measurement shows that BlueLay uses approximately half of the water required by natural grass. Yet it produces surface temperatures that are almost identical.

All products available in Canada and Mexico.