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FlexEdge Playground Products

FlexEdge™ Rubber Playground Products are flexible, durable, easy to install and SAFE!. Made from 100% recycled rubber and bound with urethane, these products are made to last. Unlike plastic edging that doesn’t stand up to playground abuse, these curbs anchor securely to the earth and glue together to make one tough border!

Product Features

  • Curbing is easy to install in curved or straight lines.
  • Durable quality rubber made from 100% recycled truck tires, built to last.
  • 8' lengths for easy handling and installation.
  • Pins install through preformed holes for ground anchoring.
  • Rubber mats keep surfacing under swing sets intact.
  • Custom sizes and shapes available. Just ask us!
SEWFLEXVBC - Large Round-top Curb The Round-Top curb creates a bold separation between surfaces. It will stand proud of the adjacent materials limiting the migration of crumb rubber, mulch, grass or poured playing surfaces. SEFLEXTC1 - Flat Top T-Curb This curb is ideal for application where a flush transition is required. Ledges are provided on both sides. Excellent choice where two synthetic surfaces meet. SEFLEX04 - 4” L-Curb Our traditional 4” curb exposes 2 ¾” at the top and has a 1 ½” anchoring ledge. This popular curb can replace traditional concrete separation curbs but more safely. SEFLEXPCG – Corner Guard This unique edging is a 90° corner for protection from a sharp concrete corner. It has countersunk recesses for attachment bolts. SEFLEXSS24 & SEFLEXSS36 – SwingSafe Mats These mats are heavy, dense and durable. They won’t wear out while protecting surfacing beneath playground swings. SwingSafe Mats come in two sizes, 24” x 48” and 36” x 60”.
All products available in Canada and Mexico.