SportsEdge PowerHouse baseball backstops simplify design, reduce costs and lend a professional appearance to your facility. The Standard (110 lf) and Premier (150 lf) backstop layouts are designed with a simple, four pole layout and net. Both are available in 30 ft. or 40 ft. heights. The steel poles are capped and have lifting rings to assist in installation. Heavy duty cable and hardware attach the individual net sections to the poles, making replacement of old or damaged nets easier and less costly. Standard details represent a design for 90 MPH wind loads. With adjustments to in-ground pole depth and footing size, greater wind loads can be addressed.

Standard Models:
40’ - 30’ - 40’ Pole Layout
#SESBSS30 - 30’ Height above ground
#SESBSS40 - 40’ Height above ground

Premier Models:
50’ - 40’ - 50” Pole Layout
#SEDBSS30 - 30’ Height above ground
#SEDBSS40 - 40’ Height above ground

SportsEdge® can also help you with solutions to the most complex design challenges with our custom tie-back systems. We can provide design and installation services with our partners for a wide range of applications to provide products that meet your existing specifications. For sports netting, baseball backstops, golf netting and stadiums, look to SportsEdge.

All products available in Canada and Mexico.