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Preventing accidental death or serious injury from soccer goals tipping over is a major concern, and one that SportsEdge takes very seriously. When we set out to manufacture our new soccer goals, the safety of children and soccer players was the driving force behind the design. Although soccer goals should always be anchored, we set out to design our goals to be as tip-resistant as possible in the even the goals were not properly anchored.

Tested per ASTM F2673-08

SportsEdge SE700 series soccer goals easily passed this stringent test, and to make the test even more difficult for ourselves, we ran the test without the added weight of our rear-mounted wheel kit!

Official Soccer Goals

  • Round crossbar and uprights
  • 8'H x 24'W x 10'D
Official Soccer Goal Features
  • 10' Deep Backstays
    • Improves stability and counterbalance
    • Ground bar can be adjusted to 9'6" depth
  • Rear-mounted Wheel Kit Improves Safety
    • Extends counterweight to 11' depth
    • Ensures goals are lifted at the front for added safety
    • Wheel assembly frame is steel to maximize the counterweight
    • Flat-free polyurethane tires for easy mobility and reliability
  • Rear Ground Bar
    • Adds stability and improves counterbalance
    • Adjustable up to 9.5' depth!
  • All-aluminum Frame Construction
    • Backstays and ground bar
    • Entire goal is powder-coated white
  • Net Clips
    • Twist-in nylon clips make it easy to remove or replace the net

SE2D301 Combination Goal — Football/Soccer

Rugged combination of official soccer goals and football goals are an excellent addition to any multi-purpose athletic facility.

Combination Football/Soccer Goal
  • 8'H x 24'W x 3'D x 8'B (soccer goal dimensions)
  • 10'H x 23'4"W (football goal dimensions)
  • Main soccer uprights and crossbars are 4-3/8" round aluminum that meets NFSHSA and NCAA specifications
  • Detachable 2" O.D. x 15' football aluminum uprights
  • White powder-coated finish over all-aluminum construction offers double protection against rust and the elements
  • Kwik Lock net system for net attachment
  • Includes 3mm twisted white nets, 3' backstays, Kwik Lock net clips and ground sleeves

Optional wheel kit includes 4 large 10" wheels with fasteners for attachment to our portable soccer goals to provide for easy mobility. One kit fits 2 goals.

Soccer Goal Anchoring Systems and Counterweights

Soccer goal anchors and counterweights aid in preventing accidental tip-over of the soccer goal. Please note that serious injuries can occur if soccer goals are not properly anchored.

SEF390 and SEF790 Soccer Goal Anchors (US Patent No. US 8,968,123)

  • No tools required!
  • Aluminum frame
  • All-aluminum or stainless steel components
  • Ratchet/fastening assembly is marine-rated
  • Treated plywood cutouts/covers
  • Protective coping

The SportsEdge SEF390 Soccer Goal Anchor is designed to be used for multi-use football and soccer field applications. The two 4"-wide stainless steel hooks are on either side of the football goal gooseneck and securely anchor the soccer goal bar. The hooks are neatly stowed in the access frame when not in use.

The SportsEdge SEF790 Soccer Goal Anchor is designed to be used for a stand-alone soccer field. This goal anchor has a single but larger 12.5"-wide hook that securely anchors the soccer goal bar. The hook is neatly stowed in the access frame when not in use.

All products available in Canada and Mexico.