Rubber Landscape Edging

FlexEdge™ Rubber Landscape Edging is flexible and easy to install. Borders can be used along flower beds, walkways, trails, or driveways. FlexEdge provides a clean finished look in all applications. FlexEdge also helps in protecting the environment by using recycled tires to manufacture this innovative new product.

Product Features

  • Easy to install in curved or straight lines.
  • Flexible for edging around many different types of landscaping.
  • Durable quality rubber made from 100% recycled truck tires, built to last.
  • 8' lengths for easy handling and installation.
  • Custom sizes and shapes available. Just ask us!
SEWFLEXVBC - Large Round-top Curb The Round-Top curb creates a bold separation between surfaces. It will stand proud of the adjacent materials limiting the migration of crumb rubber, mulch, grass or poured playing surfaces. SEFLEXTC1 - Flat Top T-Curb This curb is ideal for application where a flush transition is required. Ledges are provided on both sides. Excellent choice where two synthetic surfaces meet. SEFLEX04 - 4” L-Curb Our traditional 4” curb exposes 2 ¾” at the top and has a 1 ½” anchoring ledge. This popular curb can replace traditional concrete separation curbs but more safely. SEFLEXLS - Small Ledge Curb This curb features a surface ¾” reveal and a 1” deep ledge for attachment of synthetic landscaping turf.
All products available in Canada and Mexico.