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Trench Former Pre-sloped Trench Drain System

Trench Former® by ABT, Inc., parent company of SportsEdge, is a pre-engineered, cast-in-place concrete forming system for forming drainage trenches, catch basins, utility chases and voids in concrete placements. Consisting of expanded polystyrene (EPS) form sections, embedded steel inlay rails with our patented no-float legs, and grates, the system eliminates the need for heavy forming materials, keyways and waterstops normally required with hand-formed trench drains.

The Trench Former System requires no heavy machinery (except for excavation) and is in place a fraction of the time of previous methods. A non-structural anchoring slab placed over the no-float legs holds the formwork firmly in place without elaborate anchoring. Concrete can then be placed monolithically. Forms can be removed in 24 hours or can be left in place indefinitely, preventing unsafe open pits on the job site. The EPS forms are manufactured without CFC’s and can be disposed of safely and easily.

There are no piping alignment problems because piping is butted to the formwork and cast-in-place.

TFX-12 Standard Design

TFX-12 former shapes are made from lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) to provide the most widely used trench size, 12″ wide with a 1.04% built-in slope and radius bottom.

Trench Former is also available in various widths, depths, slopes, and trench bottom configurations. Please contact sales for more info about custom trenches.

All products available in Canada and Mexico.