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SportsEdge® offers a wide array of football goals to suit any team's needs, including our revolutionary Rotating Football Goal. With creative minds, superior engineering and the highest quality manufacturing, SportsEdge® is proud to produce what are simply the best football goals ever made. For information on related products, such as the SportsEdge® SEF390 Soccer Goal Anchor System and SEF304 Access Frame Kit, please refer to the football goals brochure.

The Problem: Combination Football/Soccer Fields

Ricochet: Which crossbar did the soccer ball hit? Is it in, or is it out?

  • In Play: The top of the football goal crossbar is only 24 inches above the soccer goal crossbar leaving a space of just 16 inches. The area directly above the soccer crossbar is “in play” in soccer. The entire ball must be over the entire line, including the goal line to be out. A football goal post directly above the soccer goal is actually in the field of play in soccer.
  • Corner Kicks and Crosses: A corner kick or crossed ball hitting the football goal post creates the situation where a soccer referee has to blow the whistle to call a play “dead” for a ball that would still be in play under normal circumstances.
High Shots, Parrying & Tipping Over the Bar: A soccer referee often has to make quick and difficult decisions that can happen in a split second, and can determine the outcome of a game:
  • Was the 90 mph shot blast off the soccer crossbar or the football crossbar, or both before coming back into the field of play?
  • The soccer goalkeeper stretched to parry or tip a high ball over the soccer crossbar and the ball came rebounding back into the field where a forward pounces on the rebound and puts the ball in the back of the net — Is it a goal? Did the ball hit the soccer crossbar, the football crossbar, or both?

Shorter Soccer Field

  • Pulling the soccer goal in 2 yards at each end of the field reduces the size of the field by 12 feet. The bigger the field, the more room a soccer team has to create space and move the ball.

Additional Line Stripe in the middle of the football end zone. This is another undesirable result when pulling the soccer goals in. The additional line makes the field look too busy, and football coaches don’t like it!

The Solution: Rotating Football Goal!

This revolutionary Rotating Football Goal Post (Patent Pending) solves a long standing problem for combination football & soccer fields.

No More Ricochet during soccer games.

Common End Line

  • Full length 360' soccer field.
  • No “extra line stripe” across the football field.

Simple & Smooth Operation by any single person or coach.

Easily Rotated 180 degrees.

  • Face away from the football field during soccer games.
  • Rotate back into position for football games.
  • Requires only 25 pounds of pressure to rotate the goal.

Securely Locked in place in both football and soccer positions.

  • Two pad locks (per goal).

SportsEdge® Football Goals

All Aluminum Construction

Standard Goals Include:
  • Adjustable Ground Sleeves
  • Hardware Kit
  • Wind Directional Flags
  • Touch-up Paint
6.5' Offset Football Goals

These goals are most often chosen for stadiums or football fields that play football only or that may have depth restrictions behind the end zone.

8' Offset Football Goals

Our most popular goal posts, these standard eight foot offset goals are a favorite for stadiums with multi-use football/soccer fields. If the budget will not allow for the SportsEdge® Rotating Goal Post, this goal would be the next best option. The deeper offset allows more room for the soccer goal to be flush with the football goal crossbar and share a common goal line; this is important for maintaining a full length (360') soccer field.

  • 6.625" O.D.
  • 6'-6" Offset
  • 8'-0" Offset
  • 6.625" O.D.
  • 23'-4" High School Width
  • 18'-6" College/Pro Width
  • 4.0" O.D.
  • 20' Standard (Meets NFHS and NCAA Requirements)
  • 30' Pro Style Optional
  • 8" D x 60" D
Tough Powder Coated Finish
  • Available in Yellow or White
All products available in Canada and Mexico.