FlexEdge™ Rubber Curbs & Borders

SportsEdge® once again leads the sports construction industry in designing revolutionary products that improve safety for athletes, improve aesthetics and reduce costs. The various Rubber FlexEdge Systems are the latest innovation and addition to our SportsEdge product line.

All FlexEdge products are manufactured from recycled crumb rubber and bonded with and encapsulated by a urethane binder. These items are built to reduce to risk of injury from athletes falling on concrete or metal parts imbedded in the field. Compare the FlexEdge L-Curb at 65 G’s with concrete at 1000+ G’s. Why take a chance?

Field items that used to be built with Portland cement concrete (perimeter curbs) and complex and expensive aluminum forms (jump pits) are replaced by easy-to-install, durable rubber.

All products available in Canada and Mexico.