Rubber Track Curb


FlexEdge™ Rubber Track Curb has many advantages over the traditional aluminum curb that has been in use many years. Traditional aluminum curbs are typically 20′ in length, which makes them cumbersome to handle and store. FlexEdge Track Curb is durable, economical, aesthetically pleasing, and a LEED® friendly product that’s made of 90% post-consumer waste.

Benefits to FlexEdge Rubber Curbs

  • 8′ lengths mean easier handling and storage.
  • Easily conform to the track radius.
  • No more “pre-radiused” aluminum curbs in 20′ lengths.
  • Durable rubber product is not subject to being out of shape, or being damaged in shipping.
  • Drains well with the open design.
  • LEED friendly product is made from 100% recycled rubber and 90% post-consumer waste.

Rubber Track Curb Downloads