XT Slot Drain System


SportsEdge® is a division of ABT, Inc.; the leading manufacturer of Trench Drain and Surface Drainage Systems in the United States. All SportsEdge track drain systems have been developed after extensive market research with athletic directors, owners, and designers. The results lead us to new generation drainage systems and designs that consider the Athlete’s Safety, Aesthetics, and shrinking budgets. This began with our SportsEdge PRO and LT drainage systems that utilize polymer concrete drain channels and flexible edging, and has continued through with our XT Slot Drain System.

Cost Effective: Fits well within even the tightest high school budget
Easy Installation: 2 Meter Lengths for the straight aways means half the joints & faster installation.
Light Weight: Weighing only 17lbs./Meter, XT Installs much easier than older slot drain systems.
Athlete’s Safety: Minimizes Exposed Hard Surfaces.
A.D.A. Compliant: The 12mm (15/32″) drain slot exceeds A.D.A. requirements.
Longevity: The best designed system over other outdated slot drains.
Aesthetics: Clean Lines and Unmatched Finished Appearance.
Hydraulics: PVC’s Low Roughness Coefficient Improves Flow.

This versatile and economical drain system has only a 2″ wide inlet surface with a continuous 12mm drain slot. The XT Catch Basin cover is removable and allows for easy access for clean out and maintenance purposes.

XT Slot Drain Specifications

Material: Polymer Concrete & PVC
Slot Width: 12mm (.47 in)
Compressive Strenth (min.): 80mpa (12,000 psi)
Tensile Strenght (min.): 8mpa (1,200 psi)
Bending Strenght (min.): 14mpa (2,000 psi)
Absorption: < 0.2%
Freeze-Thaw: 1600 Cycles – No Weight Loss
Length: 1000mm (39.19 in)
Overall Width: 121mm (4.75 in)
Inside Width: 102mm (4.0 in)
Overall Depth: 189mm (6.9375 in)
XT Slot Drain Weight: 17 lbs/Meter
Catch Basin Weight: 67.0 lbs each

Catch Basins


The SportsEdge XT900 catch basins (1/2 meter long) can be located anywhere to facilitate storm drain connections. A typical 400 meter track will include a minimum of eight catch basins. These outlet boxes typically will be located as follows; three in each straight away (6) and one in the middle of each radius (2). Removable galvanized steel trash buckets can also be specified for debris interception. Catch basins can accommodate up to 12″ CMP, HDPE or PVC pipe.

XT Slot Drain Downloads