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Defender: Next Generation Shock Pad

Safety Matters! That’s why SportsEdge has developed the Defender™ Series Shock & Drainage Pads. Defender is unlike any other shock pad on the market, defined by the enormous performance that’s packed into these small packages.

Due to the density and consistency of the Defender cross section, sports safety is achieved that is equal to that of other pads that are up to twice as thick! This means more square footage per delivery truck, reducing freight costs. And because of its unparalleled dimensional stability and low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), Defender is delivered in convenient rolls that stay where they are laid. An entire field can be laid out prior to turf installation with little fear of wind lift or the expansion and contraction associated with other pads. For traditional vertical drainage designs, the Defender.12 offers 177 in/hr of permeability while meeting the safety testing criteria you expect, when paired with most commonly used turf sections. For vertical-to-horizontal drainage applications, the Defender.14C provides 308 in/hr of vertical permeability and has drainage channels on the underside that provide 68.7 gals/min/ft of in-plane flow. That’s more than any other drainage pad on the market, per available published data. And it pairs perfectly with the SportsEdge Terminator edge detail.

Defender is installed underneath the playing surface of an athletic field

Installation is fast and easy! Just roll it out in parallel lines across the field and you’re ready. No sealing, taping or pinning required. Defender installation saves time and money because it stays put.

Defender is also unique because of its open-cell structure. That gives it the ability to hold approximately one quart of water per square foot. While having a negligible effect on sports performance, it offers the possibility for evaporative cooling of the turf in hot weather conditions.

With a decade of success throughout Europe in the rear-view mirror, SportsEdge is proud to bring Defender to the North American market. Defender….The Next Generation Shock & Drainage Pad.

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